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Who we are

Gyo International based in Turkey for the purpose of being a trustworthy consultant, and becoming the preferred supplier of its clients, by sourcing from reputable manufacturers to meet the market`s demand and requirements.

We are inspired by the passion for quality along with diversity and progress, to allocate people`s interest at the heart of our mission adapted with cutting-edge technologies that bring the future to peace and prosperity. 

What we do

To define the best market wherein the best suppliers driven by goal-oriented team to your ultimate objectives of defining the best selection of marketable products. Your shortcut road-map to build your business with minimum risk by transfering opportunities to assured sales, is a our assignment that we are eager to deliver achieved.

Passion & Purpose

Providing thoughtful ideas and services tied with a supreme motive of success, to transcend backward marketing techniques to a modern business model that offers wide options for our clients, in order to embrace the future of advanced economy with an effective methodology and creative vision.

gyo international products

Our services

- Trading and distributing the medical equipment and devices in collaboration and partnership with many of the world leading medical companies in the field of medicine.

The world company (GYO) focuses on the medical field in terms of:

- establishing and equipping specialized medical hospitals and centers in collaboration and partnership with major international companies 

- establishing and equipping dental centers in collaboration and partnership with major international companies 

- Manufacturing of preventive medical products for hospitals, health care centers, cosmetic centers, and dental centers 

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