Apparel and Textiles

Turkey's Garment Industry ranks sixth in the world and third on the first European level as the largest exporter of ready-made garments and ready-made textiles. Turkey is also one of the four home textile exporters in the world. Clothing and textile industry exports from 2019 to 2020 amounted to about $19 billion in supplying 200 different countries around the world. A large part of these companies is engaged in the production of cotton clothing. Furthermore, Turkey ranked sixth in the world in cotton production for the year 2018/2019, and these companies are characterized by their high flexibility in terms of adapting to international fashion trends and speed of delivery due to their concentration in city centers and their proximity to major markets.

The top importing countries for Turkish clothes

The textile industry in Turkey is concentrated in Bursa, Adana, Kayseri, and Denzli SPA, and its products of ready-made garments are exported to more than 160 countries around the world, diversified between the European Union and the Middle East. Germany Germany is the leading importing country in Europe for Turkish clothing with 16.6%, followed by Spain with a percentage of 14.5%, then the Kingdom with 11.7%, while the Netherlands’ share is 6.7%, France 4.8%, then Iraq comes with 4.1%, Italy by 3.1%, Denmark by 2.5%, and the United States of America by 2.5%, according to the report of the General Directorate of export in Turkey.

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