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GYO International is a general trading company deals with a wide range of goods across various sectors in the Turkish market, including medical supplies and foodstuff, as well as clothing, leather goods, carpets, etc. through strong business relationships with a selected network of reputable suppliers. Our staff will assist you in purchasing process, where we provide comprehensive solutions to customers in meeting their needs to ensure collecting the best products on appropriate terms that preserve the rights of all parties. We look forward to creating strong and sustainable relationships based on shared values of trust and high professionalism.

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The dealer/importer has to study his local market and customer segment, then determine the required quality and quantity of products before negotiating with the manufacturer and get the details of the payment terms, delivery period, and any legal or commercial conditions necessary to complete the purchase process, then customs clearance and shipping without obstacles or surprises not taken into account, so most likely importer will need a trustworthy and experienced commercial broker to facilitate and accomplish the whole operation duly. That is how our company works with its expertise and relationships to ensure the smoothness and safety of the process and take care of the smallest details in once we are assigned to study the market and the appropriate product in quality and price, whereupon a  MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) should be signed accordingly. On the basis of it, our company undertakes to represent you in the Turkish market, temporarily or permanently, according to the client's goals and needs. For further details and discussion, kindly feel free to reach us through the contacts listed below:

+90 534 924 02 00

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