Importing foodstuff from Turkey

It is one of the most important business activities that attract investors around the world, including start-up companies and enterprises with ambition to expand their business and to increase the market share as well. Since Turkey is one of the pioneer countries in agriculture in favor of its location and the diversity of its climate, it is the first on Europe, seventh worldwide, in respect of agricultural production. In spite of covid-19 crisis has left negative impact on logistics activities overseas, 1982 kinds of agricultural products has been exported to 205 countries all around the world, with revenues amounted to 20.7 billion US dollars. The contribution of the food and beverage sector to the GDP is about 18.9%.

Turkey ranks first in the world in regards to its production of some agricultural goods, such as hazelnuts, from which 69% of the global production of 1.1 million tons is produced, and 26% of the total global production of cherries of 2.6 million tons, in addition to figs, apricots, and quince, and it is the second in the production of melons. (yellow watermelon), sour cherries, cucumbers, carob, and chickpeas, the third in tangerines and apples, and the fourth in pistachios, strawberries, chestnuts, walnuts, and lentils. It also ranks first in the world in exporting wheat flour, second in exporting pasta, fifth in fruit production, and fourth in vegetable production. It is a self-sufficient country in terms of grain products, vegetables, fruits, and livestock products.

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